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Electrical Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft Ground Power Units and Electrical Ground Support Equipment

From aircraft battery carts to aircraft ground power units, Tronair is a leading provider of electrical ground support equipment. Our electrical GPUs are offered in both gasoline and diesel models, boasting 28.5VDC of power supplied in rugged, compact, and highly maneuverable units. Our solid state rectifiers offer the best performance and are renowned as the quietest rectifiers in the industry.

Our selection of solid state power units allow our customers to safely start engines, operate avionics, test equipment, and environmental controls, all while aircraft engines are completely off line.

Whether you need an entirely new aircraft ground power unit or an aircraft battery charger, Tronair is the source for industry-leading aircraft GSE. We takes pride in offering unrivaled service for our electrical ground support equipment, including our aircraft ground power units and battery carts. We have strategically positioned Service Centers across the globe to ensure quick, convenient maintenance, service and repair.

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