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Columbus Jack/Tronair has a great Customer Service team. I can always count on them for technical advice and swift resolution to our jacking and servicing issues.


In my 50 plus year career in aviation manufacturing, repair station and corporate, I have found Tronair GSE to be the most reliable, trouble-free as well as best supported GSE I've been around.


Excellent quality equipment! Their customer service is always willing to go the extra mile to try to accommodate your requests. Thanks!

Jim Hepburn - Account Manager

Diversified Power

I have worked with the Tronair / Columbus Jack product line for almost 15 years now. The knowledge and service that we have received are second to no other company we've worked with. The CJ product line has always been known as great products along with great support and customer service.

Jeff Haney - Director of Client Services

Dutch Valley

I deal with Maria at Columbus Jack concerning getting parts for jacks and cranes and have always had great service provided as well as being very professional when working with me.

Kenneth W. Glasgow - Equipment Specialist for AGE Support Equipment

USAF Gov't Civil Service

Excellent communication and I always get a response back in timely manner. Great at working with complicated shipment processes.


World Micro Inc

Tronair is a good partner and strongly supports us. Excellent vendor.


We bought two new electric Eagle tugs a year ago and we haven't had any issues. The tow tractor tows what we need it to and the batteries hold a charge for quite some time. Customer service has been quick to respond as well, especially Ashley. She always goes above and beyond to make sure we have what we need and is very easy to deal with. Would recommend their tow tractors to anyone who wants a quality product. Very smooth when it comes to towing. As far as maintenance, with everything being electric, the tow tractor is very easy to maintain.

Joe Johnson - Manufacturing Analyst

Northrop Grumman

Colin and the Tronair team provide great service combined with quality products. It is always a pleasure to deal with them.

Steve Wallace

PHI International

Your sales rep, Ms. Jamie Campbell is truley an asset to the Tronair organization! It was her patience and extra effort that completed a seemingly simple order, that just kept growing and changing! In Texas everything is BIG, and so is our gratitude to your star employee! Nice work Jamie, your truley a professional! Thanks for your patience with us!

Robert McBride (Mac) -GSE Maintenance Site Supervisor


Tronair always has the GSE that we need, very responsive staff and exceptional customer service is always provided by Tronair.

Quinncey Bird - Parts Dept.

Southern Air Systems Maintenance

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

JetPorter Towbarless Tug
JetPorter Towbarless Tug
125,000 MTOW
Combo GPU
Combo GPU
400Hz / 28V
Ram Air Turbine
Ram Air Turbine
Boeing 787
Portable Tripod Jack Proof Load Tester
Portable Tripod Jack Proof Load Tester
70,000 lb max load capacity

Eagle Tugs

Drive America’s best electric towbarless aircraft tug.

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Eagle Tugs Aircraft Tugs

Eagle Tugs - A Tronair Company
Eagle Tugs has been providing commercial aviation, military, industrial and transit customers with robust, reliable, and highly functional tow tractors, or tugs, for 50 years.


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