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Aircraft Jacks

Aircraft Jacks ATA 07 for Lifting and Shoring

Tronair manufactures a full line of quality, OEM approved tripod and axle jacks. The threaded rams of all 5 thru 30 ton tripod jacks are equipped with hand wheel safety nuts. Air pumps are available on jacks where they are not standard. Don’t take a chance with any other jack! Always choose the proven reliability of every Tronair jack.

The Best Aircraft Jacks Include These Models:

  • 02A7913C0100 Main Jack With Air Pump (30-ton)
  • 02-7813C0100 Axel Jack
  • 02-7809C0110 Main Jack (10-ton)
  • 02-0511C0132 Aft jack (5-ton)
  • 02A7895C0100 main Jack with Air Pump (40-ton)
  • 02-7856C0100 Tail Jack
  • 02-0536C0110 Main Jack (5-ton)
  • 02A7844C0111 Main Jack With Air Pump
  • 02A7898C0100 Nose Jack With Air Pump


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