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Used Ground Support Equipment

Looking for a cost-effective way to keep your airport, fixed-base operator (FBO) facility or maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) facility running smoothly? Used aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) from Tronair is the perfect solution. With a constantly updated selection of refurbished and pre-owned ground equipment supplies in stock, you're sure to find the perfect piece of used aircraft GSE to meet your needs – all at a significantly reduced price. Every piece of used GSE for sale on our website carries the same quality and reliability as new ground support equipment.

With a wide variety of used aircraft ground support equipment to choose from, you can ensure your ground personnel has the best GSE on the flightline – and save thousands of dollars in the process. Plus, we thoroughly inspect and test each piece of used GSE for sale in our inventory. At Tronair, we take the worry out of buying used GSE. Browse our entire selection today.

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 Used Oxygen Booster Ground Support Equipment  20-4500-7000   

Oxygen Booster (Maximum 2,200 psi/152 bar) (CE)

Pneumatic Oxygen Booster provides the capability of boosting remaining lower pressure oxygen from supply bottle to the required higher aircraft system pressure.

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 Used Ram Air Turbine Test Equipment    AGE17073A  

Ram Air Turbine (RAT) Test Equipment

Powered by a suitable hydraulic cart, is used to back drive the RAT during ground testing. (Application: Bombardier- Regional, Bombardier- Business)

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 Used 5 Gallon Hydrualic Fluid Dispenser  PF53481-12P   

5 Gallon Hydraulic Fluid Dispenser

The Malabar Model PF53481-12P is a 5 gallon fluid dispenser used to service various commercial aircraft. The hand pump dispenser consists of a reservoir, pump assembly, filter assembly, and a fluid delivery hose with a high pressure valve.  

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 Used 12 Ton Axle Jack  02-7884C0110  

12 Ton Axle Jack

The Tronair Model 02-7884C0110 Hydraulic Axle Jack incorporates the following quality features: Steel construction, single stage telescoping ram, quick action mechanical extension, single speed, manually operated pump, uses standard MIL-PRF-5606 hydraulic fluid, preset relief/release valve.




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8 Gallon Fluid Service Unit

The Tronair Model 06-4035C0800 8 Gallon Fluid Service Unit is designed to provide a source of clean, pressurized fluid for filling reservoirs, bleeding brakes, and other aircraft maintenance functions. 

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Aircraft Towbar Head

The Tronair Model 01-0400-0000 Aircraft Towbar Head is compatible with the Dash 8-400 aircraft manufactured by Bombardier (Regional). This towbar head attachment is designed for use with the Tronair Multi-Head Aircraft Towbar (01-1201-0010). 

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 Used Wheel and Brake Dolly  17500S-2FX  

Wheel and Brake Dolly

 The Malabar Universal Wheel/Brake Changer Model 175S-2FX is capable of changing aircraft tires and wheel assemblies from 32 to 56 in (81 to 142 cm) O.D. and widths to 22 in (56 cm). The Boom or Brake Cradle (BC300, BC400, BC500) is required for brake change operations. 

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 Used Aircraft Strut Pressure Gauge  14-6805-6010  

Aircraft Strut Pressure Gauge

0-3000 PSI Strut Pressure Gauge.

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What Is Used GSE?

As the name implies, used GSE is any ground support equipment previously owned and operated by another facility. Usually, an operation will want to trade in their lightly used aircraft GSE for newer models, allowing us to resell the old pieces for a fraction of the original price. When we receive used aircraft equipment, we refurbish it thoroughly to ensure it's in top working condition and ready for the flightline before reselling it to a new customer.

While the quality of used ground support equipment for sale in our inventory can't fully compare to our brand-new products, like our lifting and shoring equipment, hydraulic power carts, servicing equipment and others, we never resell a piece unless it's in excellent condition. However, be aware that used GSE may need more maintenance and inspection time once it arrives.

The Benefits of Purchasing Used GSE

There are many benefits to purchasing used GSE. The equipment for sale on our website can help operations of any size. One of the most universally recognized benefits of buying used GSE is its reduced cost. If you choose to purchase all brand-new airport equipment, you'll be paying a much higher price. Smaller airports and operations tend to gravitate toward used aircraft GSE, as new ground support equipment may limit their short-term growth.

The money saved from purchasing used ground support equipment for sale from Tronair can instead be used to increase operations, staffing and training. Used aircraft GSE can be the difference between running on a limited budget or getting an operation to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions: Used Ground Support Equipment

If you have questions or need some more information about the used ground support equipment for sale at Tronair, take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below. Still need more information? Check out our Resource Center or contact us to speak directly to a representative for more help.

What Is Considered Ground Support Equipment?

Ground support equipment (GSE) is any type of equipment that is used to support aircraft while grounded. Aviation ground support equipment lists are full of equipment designed to help with aircraft servicing, maintenance and operation. Types of GSE include aircraft jacksaircraft towbars, baggage carts, air starter units, ground power units, de-icers and aircraft tugs.

What Do You Think Is the Most Important Ground Support Equipment?

In our opinion, towing and taxiing equipment are some of the most essential pieces of GSE. Aircraft tugs are responsible for transporting equipment too large to move by hand. Not only does this include aircraft, but other pieces of GSE as well. Without towing and taxiing equipment, ground personnel wouldn't be able to do maintenance and servicing tasks properly.

What Are the Types of Ground Servicing Units?

Ground servicing units are used to service a wide variety of components on an aircraft. Here at Tronair, we offer ground servicing units for:

Shop Used GSE at Tronair Today

When you choose used GSE for sale from Tronair, you get quality you can trust at a great price. We offer amazing discounts on pre-owned and refurbished used aircraft GSE ready to assist with your day-to-day operations. Whether you're looking for a single piece of used aircraft ground support equipment or you're looking to update your entire fleet, used GSE from Tronair is the smart, affordable choice. With unbeatable savings, quality assurance and expert support, you can keep your airport running smoothly without breaking the bank when you choose Tronair. Want to learn more about our used airport equipment for sale? Reach out today. The expert team at Tronair is here to help.

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