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Portable Tripod Jack Proof Load Tester Jacks Lifting and Shoring ATA-7

Portable Tripod Jack Proof Load Tester ATA-7

  • Features:
  • Digital readout of load
  • 70,000 lb maximum load capacity
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue
  • The Portable Tripod Jack Proof Load Tester is designed to test the hydraulic load and pressure relief valve of tripod jacks (of the following base model number):
  • 02-0222-0111, 02-0234-0111, 02-0511C0132, 02-0517C0140,
  • 02-0520C0110, 02-0522C0141, 02-0524C0110, 02-0526C0110,
  • 02-0527C0140, 02-0536C0110, 02-0540C0110, 02-0544C0110,
  • 02-0566C0110, 02-1032C0111, 02-1036C0111, 02-1040C0111,
  • 02-1240C0111, 02-1248C0112, 02C1256-0111, 02-2560C0111,
  • 02-7800C0110, 02-7802C0111, 02-7803C0111, 02-7804C0110,
  • 02-7805C0111, 02-7809C0110, 02-7810C0111, 02-7812C0110,
  • 02-7815C0110, 02-7822C0110, 02-7823C0110, 02-7827C0110,
  • 02-7828C0110, 02-7837C0110, 02-7838C0110, 02-7839C0111,
  • 02-7844C0111, 02-7845-0120, 02-7848-0120, 02-7849-0120,
  • 02-7851C0111, 02-7855C0100, 02-7856C0100, 02A7858-0100,
  • 02-7865C0100, 02A7874C0110, 02A7885C0100, 02A7886C0100,
  • 02-7898C0100, 02-7899C0100, 02A7904C0100, 02A7912C0100,
  • 02A7913C0100,02A7917C0100, 02A7917C0150, 02-7928C0100,
  • 02A7930C0100, 02-8130C0100
Model Number Length
in (cm)
in (cm)
in (cm)
lb (kg)
02-7947C0000 67 (170) 75 (190.5) 102.4 (140) 1,635 (742)


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