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Special Olympics Airlift

Every four years the Citation Special Olympics Airlift transports more than 1,800 Special Olympians and their coaches from across the nation to the site of the U.S. Special Olympics National Games. 

The Citation Special Olympics Airlift is the largest peacetime airlift in the world. It is made possible by the generosity of companies and individuals who donate their manpower and equipment in support of Special Olympics. The Citation Special Olympics Airlift is one of the most spectacular traditions of the national Games and provides a much needed solution to the costs associated with transporting delegations, and gives the athletes a once-in-a-lifetime aviation experience.

Over the years Tronair's donation of our ground support equipment included our Jet Porter towbarless tug, an assortment of towbars and towbar heads and ground power units.

Tronair joins Cessna and individual Citation owners and operators who donated their time and equipment to transport the athletes to and from the Games. The airlift transports participants from 28 states and 40 different departure sites. A Special Olympics Citation lands or takes off every 60-90 seconds during a 12-hour period.

The first Citation Special Olympics Airlift was in 1987 and carried almost 1,000 athletes to the Summer Games in South Bend, Indiana, and has grown in size since then.

Tronair is proud to be part of such a great event!

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