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Tronair Ultimate Care

What is Ultimate Care? 

Ultimate Care is Tronair’s Premier Preventive Maintenance (PM) service program. Tronair offers many options of protection available to meet your needs and budget.  Ultimate Care programs are offered for Hydraulic Power Units, Coolant Service Carts, EJP Towbarless Tugs and Tronair Jacks.


Hydraulic Power Units

Coolant Service Carts


                        EJP Towbarless Tugs

       Tronair Jacks



What's Included? 

Ultimate Care service plan options can include a range of features below based on the type of equipment and the Ultimate Care protection plan that is selected.**



 Benefits of Ultimate Care


1) Cost Savings/Parts discount: 

Guaranteed the current year parts pricing covered under Ultimate Care for the 5 future years. 

2) Convenience:

Part deliveries follow Tronair’s recommended maintenance schedule eliminating the need for you to place multiple orders each year to service your equipment. The parts show up at your door.  Additionally, certified maintenance technicians are available to service your equipment.

3) Flexibility: 

 You can pull forward any part shipment covered in the agreement and have it shipped in under two days.

4) Peace of mind:

 You do not have to worry about your equipment for the length of the service agreement.

5) Extended Warranty:

 The Ultimate Care package covers all parts* and labor for the length of the service agreement with covered plans.**


What Tronair equipment is eligible to be covered under the Ultimate Care plan?

Following the delivery of your equipment, you have 12 months to decide whether to purchase Ultimate Care Protection. The customer can also select the Ultimate Care option at the time of the order of their equipment.


How much does Ultimate Care cost?

Ultimate Care is priced based on model and options for certain equipment. For exact pricing, please contact aps@tronair.com for more detail.


What are the payment options?

You can choose either to pay for Ultimate Care with the purchase of the equipment or be invoiced upon each part delivery and/or service visit.  


Interested in learning more about Tronair Ultimate Care? Please fill out the below form and the Aftermarket department will be in contact with you!