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Tronair Ultimate Care

What is Ultimate Care?

Ultimate Care is Tronair’s Premier Preventive Maintenance service plan for Tronair HPUs. There are three levels of service:

1)     Bronze - Annual PM part deliveries

2)     Silver: annual PM deliveries & calibration services

3)     Gold: Annual PSG service to replace PM parts & calibrated gauges, perform onsite preventative maintenance inspection, and an extended 5-year warranty for the length of the service agreement

What type of parts are covered under Ultimate Care?

Ultimate care focuses on the consumable elements of HPUs. The customer will receive filters, fluid test kits, and hoses during the life of the program. If the customer chooses to upgrade to silver or gold packages, their gauges calibrations also fall under the purview of the agreement. A full list of parts can be provided with the model number and S number of the HPU looking to be covered.

What are the benefits to the customer?

1)     Cost Savings/Parts Discount – Customer is guaranteed the current year pricing of the parts covered under Ultimate Care. 

2)     Convenience – Part deliveries follow Tronair’s recommended maintenance schedule eliminating the need for the customer to place multiple orders each year to service their HPU. The parts show up at your door. Additionally, certified maintenance technicians are available to service the customer’s HPU.

3)     Flexibility – The customer can pull forward any part shipment covered in the agreement and have it shipped in under two days. For example, if the customer’s hoses begin showing signs of weeping/blistering before the 5th year, they can request their new set prior to the scheduled shipment time.

4)     Peace of Mind – Customer does not have to worry about their HPU for 5 years.

5)     Extended Warranty – The Ultimate Care package covers all parts and labor for 5 years with the Gold plan.

How many parts does Ultimate Care provide me over the course of the agreement?

We recommend with normal usage that the customer replaces their filters on an annual basis and hoses at least once every 5 years. In a normal 5-year agreement, the customer secures current year pricing for 5 of each filter and one of each external hose. However, the customer can choose to increase their rate of part deliveries if they expect heavier than normal usage (>50 Hours of Annual run time) at the same part unit pricing at the time of purchase. Any parts purchased beyond the initial Ultimate Care purchase will be priced according to the new date of purchase.

For example, if a customer purchases the base Ultimate Care in 2021 and requests all five of their filters to be delivered in 2022 and wished to purchase more filters in 2023, the price will be at 2023 pricing.  

What HPUs are eligible to be covered under the Ultimate Care plan?

Following the delivery of the HPU, the customer has 12 months to decide whether to purchase Ultimate Care for their HPU. The customer can also select the Ultimate Care option at the time of the order of their HPU. It is best to present the Ultimate Care package at the time of the quote for the HPU then all the monies can be approved at the same time. The expectation is that Ultimate Care will be part of the pre-quote process when you are determining the HPU voltage and options. You are also reviewing the Ultimate Care package and will present a price for Ultimate Care whn the quote is placed, either bronze, silver or gold.

How much does Ultimate Care cost?

Ultimate Care is priced by the model and option selections of each HPU selected. All models Ultimate Care options are priced so there will be no delay in quoting. For exact pricing, please contact sales@tronair.com for more detail.

What are the payment options?

The customer can choose either to pay for Ultimate Care with the purchase of the HPU or be invoiced upon each part delivery and/or service visit.

Interested in learning more about Tronair Ultimate Care? Please fill out the below form and a Tronair Sales Representative will be in contact with you!