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Preventive Maintenance

Tronair Ultimate Care Service Plans: Preventive Maintenance & GSE Support

Your operation depends on a fully functional ground support equipment (GSE) fleet. However, without regular preventive maintenance (PM), a GSE fleet can eventually begin to fail. Thankfully, Tronair offers Ultimate Care service plans to help keep your fleet in perfect working condition year-round. Preventive maintenance service plans are the key to minimal GSE downtime and long-lasting service life. You've invested a lot of time and money into your fleet. Get the GSE support you need with Tronair Ultimate Care today.

What Are Ultimate Care Service Plans?

Ultimate Care is Tronair's premier preventive maintenance program to help airports streamline operations. With an Ultimate Care service plan, you'll receive top-rated GSE support and regular preventive maintenance to prevent GSE breakdowns and save thousands in unnecessary expenses. Tronair offers many service plan options to ensure that no matter the size of your operation, you get protection to fit both your needs and budget. Ultimate Care GSE support programs are offered for the following:


Hydraulic Power Units

Coolant Service Carts


                        EJP Towbarless Tugs

       Tronair Jacks



What's Included in an Ultimate Care GSE Support Plan?

Ultimate Care service plan options include a wide range of features, including calibration services, verification services, load testing services, operation testing and annual preventative maintenance inspections. Take a look at the chart below to see all the features we offer based on the type of equipment and GSE support plan you select.



5 Benefits of Ultimate Care Service Plans

Ultimate Care service plans provide a wide range of benefits for Tronair customers, including:

  1. Cost Savings/Parts Discount: Guaranteed coverage for the current year's parts pricing for five future years.
  2. Convenience: Part deliveries follow Tronair's recommended preventive maintenance schedule, eliminating the need to place multiple orders each year to service equipment. The parts show up at your door according to schedule. Additionally, certified GSE maintenance technicians are available to service your equipment.
  3. Flexibility: Prioritize any part shipment covered under Ultimate Care to be shipped in under two days.
  4. Peace of Mind: No worrying over equipment for the entire length of the service agreement.
  5. Extended Warranty: Ultimate Care service plans cover all parts and labor for the length of the service agreement according to our Warranty Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ultimate Care GSE Support

If you still have questions about Ultimate GSE support service plans, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. Additionally, you can contact our product support team at any time to discuss your options.

When Can I Sign Up for Ultimate Care GSE Support?

Following the delivery of your equipment, you will have 12 months to purchase an Ultimate Care GSE support service plan. Customers can also select an Ultimate Care service plan option at the time of purchase.

How Much Do Ultimate Care Service Plans Cost?

Ultimate Care service plans are priced based on GSE models and service plan options for equipment. Please contact aps@tronair.com for exact pricing details.

What Are My Payment Options?

You can choose to pay for Ultimate Care with the purchase of your equipment or be invoiced upon each part delivery and/or service visit.

Find Peace of Mind With Tronair Ultimate Care GSE Support Plans Today

With a reputation for quality products and uncompromising values, you can count on Tronair to provide superior service and support for your GSE. Interested in learning more about Tronair Ultimate Care GSE support plans? Please fill out the form below, and our aftermarket department will be in contact with you!

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