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Ground Power Unit

Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPU) ATA-24

Power up your aircraft with an aviation Ground Power Unit (ATA 24) from Tronair! Our rugged, compact, maneuverable aircraft GPU come with a 28.5 VDC supply. Plus, each aircraft ground power unit is proficient in supplying power to an aircraft while parked on the runway. Order high-quality aircraft ground power units for sale today at Tronair!

For equipment repair and testing, schedule an appointment with one of your closest Tronair authorized service centers.

The Best Aircraft Ground Power Units Include:

  • 28.5 VDC GAS GPU
  • 28.5 VDC Solid State Rectifier
  • 400 Hz AC, 28.5 VDC GPU
  • 28.5 VDC Solid State Rectifier FEDS
  • Tier 4 Final, 28.5 VDC Diesel GPU


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