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Hydraulic Power Unit, Diesel Engine Driven 69 Series Hydraulic Power Hydraulic Power ATA-29

Diesel Hydraulic Power Units 69 Series

  • 63 gpm, 5000 psi, flow and pressure ratings
  • 24 volt, dual battery for cold weather starts
  • 125 gallon stainless steel hydraulic reservoir with desiccant breather, drain valve, and air removal system
  • Bright LED lighting on engine and hydraulic instrument panels, and unit corner lights for night operation
  • Bypass Valve for loading and unloading
  • Convenient hangers and trays to hold and contain the hydraulic hoses when not in use on the aircraft
  • FPT, 6.7 liter, turbocharged, after cooled, 6 cylinder, 200 bhp, 1800 rpm diesel engine
  • Dual system with 50' (15 m) pressure and return hoses
  • Easy access, light weight, removable pin hinged panels for full access to all maintenance components
  • Engine grid heater for cold weather system
  • Engine system monitor
  • Electric reservoir fill pump with 2 micron filter and 50' (15 m) hose
  • Hydraulic fluid sample port for contamination testing
  • Hydraulic System Meters: Digital (0.25% FS) flow meter, digital (0.25% FS) pressure gauge, digital (0.5% FS) temperature gauge
  • Hydraulic system open or closed loop
  • Large 35 gallon fuel tank for 12+ hours of use
  • Large forced air hydraulic heat exchanger, thermostat controlled cooling system
  • Powder coated Skydrol and UV resistant painted steel panels
  • Pressure control potentiometer, flow control valve
  • Pressure Filtration: 2 micron, non-bypass type (beta rating >200 @ 2 micron)
  • Return Filtration: 5 micron, bypass type (beta rating > 300 @ 5 micron)
  • Ruggedized frame with enclosed fork lift tubes and 10,000 lb tie down rings
  • Running gear rated for 10,000 lbs. and 10 mph, Four wheel Ackerman steering with leaf spring trailer towing system with two wheel parking brake
  • Selector Valve to select between aircraft or HPU reservoir
  • User friendly engine and hydraulic control panel for easy operation
  • Hydraulic high and low reservoir shutoff feature with LED warning and indicating lights (panel and stack)
  • Hydraulic high temperature shutoff feature (160º F) with LED warning and indicating lights (panel and stack)
  • Engine no fuel and low fuel, high temperature, and low oil pressure LED indicating lights (panel and stack)
  • Fuel/water separator with water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor
  • Low coolant shut down system
  • Pressure filter clogging indicator LED light with reset button
  • Emergency stop button, system pressure relief valve, maintenance only access panels, return system pressure relief valve, automatic warning and shutdown systems
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue
Model Number Length
in (cm)
Fluid Type Width
in (cm)
in (cm)
lb (kg)
693A 156.5 (397.5) Skydrol 83.5 (212) 95.25 (242) 10,000 (4,536)
695A 156.5 (397.5) Hyjet 83.5 (212) 95.25 (242) 10,000 (4,536)


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