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Phosphate Ester

Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fluid Test Kit

  • Features:
  • Fluid: Skydrol
  • Fluid analysis is a critical tool for any preventive maintenance program
  • Fluid analysis identifies potential problems that are undetectable by other means
  • Mailing container
  • Pre-cleaned bottle
  • Analysis includes: Appearance, Color, Moisture, Acidity, Chlorine, Particle Count, Chemical Composition

Fluid analysis, like a phosphate ester fluid testing kit, is a critical step in preventative maintenance for your aircraft. Phosphate ester hydraulic fluid is a fire-resistant base-stock that can help to reduce corrosion damage to servo valves. Ensure that you have everything you need to test and analyze the fluids, such as phosphate ester, in your aircraft with Tronair. Be sure to browse the rest of our fluid test kits as well as our cabin pressure test units so you can make sure your craft is ready to fly.

Model Number Fluid Type
K-4061 Skydrol


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