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Cabin Pressure Test Unit, Portable

Portable Cabin Pressure Test Unit

Model Number: 15-7609-6000-FJ

Length in (cm) 27.5 (70)
Flow Range scfm 10-109
Width in (cm) 29 (74)
Height in (cm) 29 (74)
Weight lb (kg) 85 (39)
Applications: Lockheed A-10 |  Lockheed F-15 |  Lockheed F-16 |  Lockheed T-33 |  Northrop T-38 | 

Replacement parts may vary depending on serial number. Please refer to the manual for your specific unit to find correct replacement parts.

Replacement Parts
Ball Valve H-2666-05 High Flow Regulator H-2706
Filter Replacement H-2726 Pressure Gauge, 0-15 psi H-3528
Pressure Gauge, 0-30 psi H-3529 Pressure Gauge, 0-120 psi H-3770
Pressure Gauge HC-1787 Pressure Gauge, 200 psi HC-1836
GASKET, BUNA, 1.25 OD X 1 ID HC-2981 Low Pressure Regulator PC-1089-03
Pneumatic Flowmeter PC-1237 HOSE ADAPTER R-3465
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