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Airplane Parking Equipment Guide

Properly parking an airplane doesn’t end when the engine is off. Correct aircraft parking equipment should be utilized each and every time a plane is parked. This handy guide will help you navigate the various equipment that should be used when parking aircraft.

Keep in mind that this airplane parking equipment guide is not exhaustive, and you should always consult your airplane manufacturer for specialized parking instructions and equipment requirements.

Types of Aircraft Mooring and Parking Equipment

To ensure a safe airfield, correct parking and mooring procedures should be implemented and followed. This keeps the airfield safe and also helps to protect airplanes from any potential damage. Proper parking starts with appropriate ground support equipment. The following are some key pieces of equipment every hangar should utilize when mooring an airplane.

Wheel Chocks

It’s imperative that when you park an aircraft, it stays put. This is where wheel and parking chocks come into play. The sturdy wedges are a safety measure that is used in addition to setting the brakes. Simply place the wheel chocks in front of and behind the tires for a quick and easy way to immobilize an aircraft.

Parking Boots

An aircraft parking boot, also known as a wheel clamp or lock, is designed to prevent an airplane from moving when parked for an extended period of time. Parking boots are made to fit virtually all business and regional aircraft. The design typically includes a shackle-less steel lock with two keys for total fleet and theft protection.

Airplane Covers

When an aircraft is parked, it should be protected with proper airplane covers. These covers work by ensuring that no foreign substances are able to get into the system, which can lead to costly maintenance problems. By adequately storing your aircraft and using specialized covers, like an intake cover or a pitot probe cover, you can protect planes from the elements while increasing their overall lifespan.

Ground Signage And Lighting

Signage, markings and lighting are used in airports as navigational aids. These are vital for making sure pilots navigate airplanes around the airport safely and efficiently. Some of the most crucial airfield navigational aids include the following.

Signage And Markings

Signage and ground markings are utilized throughout an airfield, and it’s extremely important for pilots, ground crews and employees to have a firm grasp on the meaning of each. For more detailed information, be sure to read the FAA’s Aeronautical Information Manuals. The following are just a few of the various signs and markings you’ll find on an airfield.

  • Runway holding position markings
  • Runway holding signs and markings
  • Location signs and markings
  • Taxiway direction signs and markings
  • ILS critical area holding position signs and markings
  • ILS boundary sign
  • Non-movement area boundary markings
  • Runway safety area boundary sign
  • Geographic position markings
  • Helicopter landing area marking
  • Destination signs
  • Enhanced taxiway centerlines
  • Relocated threshold
  • Chevrons
  • Aprons and ramps

Lighting And Reflectors

There are countless lighting combinations that may be used when on an airfield. This is especially crucial when operations need to be conducted during low visibility. The following are a few types of lighting and reflectors typically found on the runway.

  • Runway edge and centerline lights
  • Taxiway edge lights or reflectors
  • Taxiway centerline lights or reflectors
  • Runway guard lights
  • Runway status lights
  • Vehicle light gun signals

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