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Oxygen Booster (Maximum 2,200 psi/152 bar) (CE)

Pneumatic Oxygen Booster provides the capability of boosting remaining lower pressure oxygen from supply bottle to the required higher aircraft system pressure.

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Ram Air Turbine (RAT) Test Equipment

Powered by a suitable hydraulic cart, is used to back drive the RAT during ground testing. (Application: Bombardier- Regional, Bombardier- Business)

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5 Gallon Hydraulic Fluid Dispenser

The Malabar Model PF53481-12P is a 5 gallon fluid dispenser used to service various commercial aircraft. The hand pump dispenser consists of a reservoir, pump assembly, filter assembly, and a fluid delivery hose with a high pressure valve.  

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15 Gallon Fluid Service Unit 

The Fluid Reservoir Service Unit is a compact unit primarily designed to provide a source of clean fluid for filling reservoirs. It is not intended for performing any pressure testing tasks.

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12 Ton Axle Jack

The Tronair Model 02-7884C0110 Hydraulic Axle Jack incorporates the following quality features: Steel construction, single stage telescoping ram, quick action mechanical extension, single speed, manually operated pump, uses standard MIL-PRF-5606 hydraulic fluid, preset relief/release valve.

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Wheel and Brake Dolly

 The Malabar Universal Wheel/Brake Changer Model 175S-2FX is capable of changing aircraft tires and wheel assemblies from 32 to 56 in (81 to 142 cm) O.D. and widths to 22 in (56 cm). The Boom or Brake Cradle (BC300, BC400, BC500) is required for brake change operations. 

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Aircraft Strut Pressure Gauge

0-3000 PSI Strut Pressure Gauge.

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